April 2022 Digest

Tori has to miss most of April due to the production schedule for her (lol) lifestyle show on (lolol) the Vizio channel, so it’s just Jennie steering the ship with Amy. You’d think it would improve the quality of the enterprise given that 50% of the responsibility of running the show is falling to the audio professional as opposed to the usual 33.3, but no: Amy kicks off the month by recording IN HER CAR. Tori’s absence does mean there’s less than the usual yearning for Brian Austin Green, but Jennie fills the gap with her yearning for Luke Perry, and how her IRL crush on him then still (unhealthily) colors her view of the episodes where Dylan and Kelly are star-crossed. We also get appearances from guest stars Alexandra Wilson and David Lascher, very confused responses to Sue’s incest plotline, and a lot of requests by Amy that “someone” fact-check her. Then Tori sneaks back in under the wire to tell us that she watched on her phone without her glasses, didn’t bother listening to the episodes she wasn’t on, and forgot to write down her favorite Donna line. These three are for real trying to kill us so please appreciate our latest digest on April’s episodes of 90210MG!

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  • 📅 Published April 28, 2022