August 2022 Digest

Fans help remember Denise Dowse, Cathy "Ginger" Podewell stops by,'s mostly the usual nonsense.

Obviously “I hate you both” is one peak of Beverly Hills, 90210, but another comes as the season’s winding up, and we’ve reached it. So naturally, none of our three 90210MG co-hosts is able to speak responsibly about, for instance, disordered eating, or body dysmorphia, or how even very well-meaning mothers can unwittingly screw up their children, or — as usual — how television is constructed. Amid the discussions of episodes 24-27 of 90210‘s third season, we also get a fan call-assisted remembrance of the late Denise Dowse, and a visit from Cathy Podewell, who played Ginger in the Ditch Day episode. Will Amy succeed in booking late-season guest star Shawn Levy, now an extremely powerful director and producer? Better discuss it on mic so Amy will look like a real scrub if the answer turns out to be no! All this and more in our August digest of 90210MG!

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  • 📅 Published September 1, 2022