February 2023 Digest

Gross incompetence leads to a lighter month than we COULD have endured: we judge, but we can't really be that mad.

Having left Emily Valentine behind until Season 5, 9021OMG wraps up its 1993 and launches into 1994 with “Windstruck” (Donna head-fakes like she’s going to bone David, then doesn’t), the surprisingly content-heavy clip show “Somewhere In The World It’s Christmas” (David dumps Donna — largely due to her actions in “Windstruck” — and Dylan has a sister!), and “Crunch Time” (Steve gets John Sears bounced out of KEG). Those discussions go some places you’d expect, and others that are a pleasant surprise, like Tori actually calling the writing of her abstinent character’s gratitude to her dirtbag boyfriend for his patience about her principled beliefs “irresponsible”! (We also get mentions of Dylan’s bad sheets and strawberries and cream obsession, so: someone’s been reading our book again!) Also, BEFORE of OMG‘s discussion of “Crunch Time,” his last-ever episode, Brandon Douglas stops by to discuss his tenure as KEG president Mike Ryan. His claims not to know why he suddenly STOPPED playing this character right before the show revealed that Mike was gay lead one of your co-hosts on a research trip about this. The Other Podcast gets clipped! We did a journalism!!! All this and more in our latest Again With THEM!

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