January 2023 Digest Mop-Up

Discussing a beautiful love affair: our co-hosts and commerce. (Also Brandon and Emily.)

As you may recall, the last Again With Them episode teased 90210‘s S04 Thanksgiving episode, so we pick back up with the might-as-well-be-a-two-parter that mostly revolves around Brandon traveling to San Francisco to look up his old flame (heh heh GET IT) Emily Valentine. In the gals’ coverage of “Radar Love,” they finally figure out John Sears is a sexual predator, although one of them might still be okay with that — guess which! Then Christine Elise returns, bless her, for the discussion of her character’s titular episode “Emily,” and to contribute the kind of behind-the-scenes dish that might make a podcast like this worthwhile if ALMOST ANYONE ELSE WERE HOSTING IT. Then: Jennie and Tori waste our time by babbling about their new QVC line, after which, presumably, Amy fields some calls from sponsors pissed off that IHeart ran their ads against what was already sponcon. We’re wrapping up January in the latest Again With Them!

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