July 2023 Digest

Tracy "Laura Kingman" Middendorf, Jason "Roy Randolph" Carter, and LOTS of questions about scabbing.

It’s another bumper crop of podcast episodes with very little Beverly Hills, 90210 episode content. Do we get through the last two episodes of Season 4 and the first episode of Season 5? Yes. But the Season 4 finale discussion is derailed early on by probing into Garth’s and Spelling’s psyches (then and now) that has already been covered extensively, so that the actual episode gets kicked into a whole separate episode. And the rest of the time, we’re talking to people who worked on the show: Chuck Rosin (again?); Tracy Middendorf (excellent!); Jason “Roy Randolph” Carter (classic mixed bag). And also: if Jennie and Tori actually want to remain members of SAG, is any of this…allowed during the strike? We don’t know and it kind of seems like no one does, but some episodes of 9021OMG did happen in July (plus one that snuck in at the end of June), and we’re discussing them in our latest digest!

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  • 📅 Published August 3, 2023