June 2023 Digest

Brenda in her "Margaret" era (eye-roll), plus Chuck Rosin finds time to show up and yell at everyone!

Tori returns from her black mold ordeal just in time for the podcast to arrive at Brenda’s Cat On A Hot Tin Roof arc, and generally be bored by everything else that doesn’t involve (a) Tori herself and (b) behind-the-scenes drama. Amy, of course, has never been more entertained by anything in her GD life. When they’re not recapping the onscreen (and offscreen) scrapping between would-be Maggies the Cat, they open the proceedings to former EP Chuck Rosin, who’s got a lot to say about the way they dismissed the ’60s flashback episode, apparently the pinnacle of his career. They also dig up Jack Armstrong, a.k.a. Mike Ryan The Keg President But Only For The Episode Where We Found Out He Was Gay. Incredibly, he remembers even less about the show than Jennie does. All this and more as we take you through everything you need to know from June 2023 on 9021OMG!

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  • 📅 Published June 29, 2023