Let's Watch John Reilly And Jack Wagner In The General Hospital Fan Video General Hospital, WSB Files!

The golden age of daytime-drama spycraft, with an assist from Coldplay.

Before they were, respectively, canonical Bill Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210 and Peter Burns on Melrose Place, John Reilly and Jack Wagner costarred as World Security Bureau agents on 1980s General Hospital. Sarah remembers most of the plots in the fan video we’re contemplating first-hand — Duke Lavery! Tony Jones! — but GH wasn’t Tara’s jam. Did the fan vid make her wish it had been? Is Sarah’s decades-long thing for J.Wags making a little more sense to Tara thanks to the scruffy-Bulgarian-prison version of Frisco? We’re talking about all of that, plus how soaps function as TV “summer stock,” in today’s ep.

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