Let’s Watch Linden Ashby And Susan Walters And Sarah's Husband In Loving!

1980s daytime has sooo many Again With This connections.

Did you know that Melrose Place‘s Coop (Linden Ashby) and Christine (Susan Walters) were married IRL? Did you know that (we assume) they met on the set of Loving, ABC’s half-hour soap of the ’80s and ’90s that, for ten halcyon (?) months in the mid-’80s, also starred Dan “Mr. Buntsy” Brady as Spider Smith? We knew some of that, but we didn’t know they all shared episode oxygen until an eagle-eyed Twitter follower tipped us to the fact — and while it’s hard to find Loving episodes in the wild, we tracked one down. We’re discussing all the bad blocking, unrehearsed first takes, and inadvertent hilarity…sweet cheeks.

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