March 2023 Digest

If you're not interested in a deep dive on Kelly or a recap of '90s Con, this one's going to be rough.

In theory, 9021OMG is an episode-by-episode recap of Beverly Hills, 90210, guided by its stars and an interested producer. In practice — at least this month — it’s a whole bunch of faffing around. We get one episode with Kerrie “Suzanne” Keane. We get TWO episodes of just Jennie and Amy taking calls from fans about Kelly. We get an extensive retelling of the co-hosts’ visit to ’90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut. Only when the month is nearly over do they remember what they’re supposed to be doing, and fart out 33 minutes (ads included) on “Thicker Than Water” — which may be so short because they don’t remember anything interesting about the episode. Who was “funniest” at their panel? What’s the problem with watching episodes on Paramount+? What kind of adults still throw temper tantrums and also hard and heavy objects at their partners? We get into all of it and more in the latest Again With THEM!

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