(Most Of) August 2021 Digest

In order for us to take a week off, we’re bringing you MOST of the August episodes of 90210MG (our coverage of that last straggler is still to come, don’t worry). There’s barely any talk of Scott Scanlon’s death so that Jennie and Tori can get to their interview with Ann “Jackie Taylor” Gillespie, who…is not even in the episode they’re ostensibly talking about! Tori thought U4EA was a real drug! Jennie, Tori, and Sisanie all turn on Emily after “My Desperate Valentine” without considering that perhaps the writers used their writing to make them feel that way! And yes, Sisanie still has the same questions about who owned the “Walsh house,” and whether the show’s stars got to keep their characters’ wardrobe! Please DO NOT fire up 90210MG yourselves: we’ve brought you everything you need to know about the four most recent episodes in our latest installment of Again With THEM!

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  • 📅 Published August 26, 2021