November 2022 Digest

They let us off easy with just five episodes this month, and we give thanks.

OMG‘s November kicks off with an interview with John Sears himself, Paul Johansson. Would you believe this dude was yet ANOTHER of Jason Priestley’s many best friends? Then the rest of the month — apart from a blessedly brief Thanksgiving “special” — continues its coverage of The Gang’s freshman year. Around and about the actual show episodes they’re supposed to be recapping, we learn what other very visual plans Amy has made for this AUDIO PODCAST; hear her co-hosts try out and swiftly abandon another one of her dumb “games”; and listen to her whine yet again about the mean Instagram commenters. In other words: more of the same, but now D’Shawn, Lucinda, and Stuart Carson are around. Listen to our highlights right here!

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  • 📅 Published December 1, 2022