80’s Night

And Kelly is a bitch about it in our Again With This podcast on '80's Night'!

A convicted murderer is on his last appeal — and apparently his legal fund is down to its last dollar, because he’s hired Matt to represent him and get his death sentence overturned. Kelly is very supportive of Matt’s efforts of behalf of his client until she finds out the man also raped his victim before killing her, whereupon she starts taking it personally, which she was already primed to do both because she is her and because her dead rapist’s parents have recently visited her to forgive her, and to ask her to forgive them for raising a criminal who assaulted her. What are Kelly’s principles? It’s a fair question! (For which we don’t have an answer.) Gina and Noah are still making tons of money with the Peach Pit After Dark After Darker, but at least one of their neighbours has determined that they’re staying open two hours longer than is permitted, and before long, they’re getting raided by the cops — and on a night when Mel Silver is enjoying a lap dance, no less! Gina helps him escape arrest (Noah and Donna aren’t so lucky, and go to jail), and mere minutes after promising Dylan she’s done lying to him, she’s sneaking off to work a crooked new angle with Mel. Speaking of the sleazy Silvers: David is more of a pig than ever, escalating to phoning the girlfriend of a caller named Tony and, over Tony’s objections, dumping her on his behalf. All Dave’s friends are disgusted by his new “character” (Tony’s not thrilled either), but David insists that his amazing ratings are all that matter and that he’s not responsible for anything his listeners might do. And after taking up the spotlight for the past few episodes, Steve and Janet are back in the plot cellar, where Janet is excited to realize her college dream of playing bass in a band and Steve is concerned that she’s being irresponsible and juvenile. We discuss it all in our podcast on “80’s Night”!