A Fine Mess

Steve decides whether to take Janet's 'no' for an answer in our podcast on 'A Fine Mess'!

Janet’s “no” on Steve’s shotgun marriage proposal apparently was not the last word on the matter. The guys (minus Matt) rally around Steve to try to workshop a proposal Janet will accept, while the ladies (minus Gina) urge Janet to change her mind. In the process, though, Matt reveals that he is kind of dubious about the whole institution these days, and Kelly is a bitch about it in multiple conversations and locations, including on the dance floor. Will Janet decide she can put aside her fear of Steve’s special brand of messiness? Will Matt let Kelly beat him into submission on yet another issue? Matt and Kelly aren’t the only ones fighting at the club: Donna runs afoul of Noah when she suggests he book a band without disclosing her personal connection to one of its members, while David’s latest romantic prospect Robyn gets turned into radio content without her consent. Dylan decides his capacious hotel suite is too small for both himself and Gina, but the solution he comes up with to keep her off the shag carpets of Reseda may not work for her. We take you through in our podcast on “A Fine Mess”!