Kelly deals with the aftermath of her rape in the aptly titled 'Agony.'

A remarkable photo in the Beat draws the attention of the Chronicle’s art critic. And since Steve is the photographer in question, he leans into his new status as an artist to impress Janet, ending up with more grass in his teeth than good shots on his film. Donna continues dithering between her lingering feelings of love (or obligation, depending on your perspective) for Noah and her burning lust for Wayne. But can she actually allow herself to try to separate sex from feelings? This is a question she keeps bringing to Kelly, despite the very obvious signals Kelly is sending that she is going through some serious shit right now. After taking herself to Cedars, talking to a detective, and going through a rape exam, Kelly tries to keep her assault a secret, but eventually cracks under questioning by Dylan. His efforts to support her only arouse suspicion from Gina, for obvious reasons, but also from David, who’s now considering taking a run at Gina himself. The latest round of Dylan/Kelly drama distracts Gina from her efforts to get cast in a touring ice show, and pushing her bulimia to a crisis point. We discuss it all (…carefully) in our podcast on “Agony.”