All That Glitters

Knowing anyone in the gang is, once again, a terrible hardship.

Somehow, a real journalist (named Peter Raitt) has become aware of Brandon’s work in the Beverly Beat, and somehow, it’s convinced him to partner with Brandon on a story about a proposed football stadium. Brandon is so busy sucking up, he doesn’t notice that Kelly is in the midst of a crisis regarding Chris, an intellectually disabled man who works the night shift at the clinic but may have to give up his job now that his mother’s work schedule has changed and she can no longer drive him. Kelly gets way too involved, ignoring Chris’s mother’s warnings about his capacity and the stress the busy day shift will cause him and basically ruins everyone’s life, again. Val has nothing but bad news to dish out this week: first, that David the idiot hasn’t set aside enough money to pay his taxes; and second, that the bracelet Noah gave Donna is paste. (One of these is, of course, actually fun.) And Jill and Steve are, against all reason, still happening. We can’t believe it either, as you’ll hear in our podcast on “All That Glitters”!