Aunt Bea’s Pickles

Brandon's opportunity to break into real journalism ends up being an opportunity to scab. Will his ethics prevail over his ambition?

We all know that Brandon considers his job at the Beverly Beat a waste of his prodigious talents — so much so that even after publicly reaffirming his commitment to it in the last episode, he’s already prepared to edit the Beat on the side while joining the Los Angeles Chronicle as a reporter on the Metro desk. Somehow, despite being a journalist ostensibly focused on local news, it has entirely escaped his notice that the Chronicle‘s reporters are striking, and that Brandon is only being offered this job because the paper needs scabs. Certainly we’ve always thought of Brandon as a scab in the sense that he’s the unsightly result of a wound, but is he the other kind too? Val and Kelly are horrified to discover that their unattached parents are actually serious about dating, and briefly join forces in order to try to reverse-Parent Trap them into breaking up. Though Noah might have had cause to believe his plot to buy Donna success as a fashion designer would never, ever be detected by his dumb baby of a girlfriend, she’s a tiny bit smarter than any of us gave her credit for. And yes, somehow, the saga of Steve, Jill, and Ted still isn’t over. Listen as we discuss “Aunt Bea’s Pickles”!