Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Janet and Steve try to make their wedding fun for the few guests who are in the country and still speaking to them in our podcast on 'Baby, You Can Drive My Car'!

Everyone’s in…kind of a bad mood. Kelly’s pissed off that Mel’s interest in exotic dancers has broken up his relationship with her mother, again, and blames Noah for putting strange breasts in Mel’s eyeline. Dylan’s annoyed that Andrew from the community center keeps bugging him to volunteer no matter how much money Dylan throws at him to shut him up; his attitude doesn’t really improve when he and Andrew are beaten up by homophobes and Andrew won’t let Dylan browbeat him into participating in the investigation because Andrew actually is gay, and isn’t out at work And Janet’s increasingly anxious about how far behind she is both in setting up the baby’s nursery and planning her wedding. Steve comes up with an idea: he and Janet send all their friends on what they keep calling a scavenger hunt but is actually more of a treasure hunt; there’s a party at the end that will roll up all the showers and bachelor/ette events they’d have to stage separately otherwise. Friction between participants keeps causing teams to break up — Noah peels off from Kelly, who’s being a bitch; Dylan wearies of Gina’s concern about a stray dog they pass on the street — but they do all make it to the “party,” which the affianced have somewhat misrepresented, and which ends well for exactly one of the show’s many couples. Dearly beloved, please join us for our podcast on “Baby, You Can Drive My Car”!