Brandon Leaves

90210 brays farewell to Brandon and the process is as long as the man in question is short.

Sophie’s multifarious strategy to take over the entertainment industry leads her to consider working in adult films, despite all the great advice David’s giving her about being patient and waiting her turn and paying her dues — you know, like he did, which is why he’s currently having such a successful career scoring movies LOL. Noah continues grieving his father in extremely drunken ways, and continues rebuffing all Donna’s efforts to get him to talk to her about it, instead opening up to the only person in his orbit who might understand how he feels: Val, whose father also killed himself…as far as Noah knows. About that: Abby still hasn’t decided whether she really is going to follow through on her threat to turn Valerie in for her father’s murder, and when Val asks Matt about it, his advice is pretty much “Hope she doesn’t, idk.” Matt is also dealing with a lot of judgment from Kelly for continuing to represent Lenny in his custody battle with Leah — but never mind all that: Brandon’s received a job offer to cover D.C. for the New York Chronicle, so everyone must figure out how they’re going to get along without him until he starts making noises about maybe staying after all. But DOES HE? Find out with our discussion about “Brandon Leaves” which, yes, okay, does kind of answer the question.