Child of the Night

David's focused on scraping together enough money to keep his 'private banker' from killing him...until Val tells him all about the day Donna and Noah spent together at sea.

Donna having kicked his ass out of the beach apartment over his cheque fraud, David decides he might as well also confess his financial idiocy to his father. Or, rather, to confess most of it: while Mel swiftly recommends filing bankruptcy for the sake of David’s creditors and even gives David the money to replace what he stole from Donna, there’s no line item in Mel’s plan for paying back David’s loan shark. And yet David is extremely blasé about keeping all his fingers intact, finding time to pack up his shit when his repayment is already a day late, and taking a morning off to go down to Donna’s job and pick a fight over Val’s report that she spotted Donna and Noah on the Martins’ boat, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Brandon and Kelly resume looking for Erica now that she’s stolen everything of value from the Walsh house and fled back to the streets, but things get more complicated when (a) they meet her roommate and fellow sex worker Julie, who may have problems so big even they can’t solve them; and (b) Brandon publishes Erica’s story — concealing her name — in the Beat and immediately starts getting harangued by the ADA and Kelly to reveal Erica’s identity so the authorities can prosecute her pimp. Steve tries to get Carly to convince Jody not to have her baby, but when Carly defects to Team Jody, Steve realizes he has to stop running from his responsibilities.