Coming Home

A shocking situation that literally nothing could have possibly prepared Donna for!!!

Donna’s publicist David will be the first to tell you that Donna graduated at the top of her class at CU with a degree in Fashion Marketing. And yet at no point in her four years of college did it ever come up, in any of her classes, that the fashion industry is built on unethical — indeed, immoral — labour practices…or so we must surmise based on her naïve reactions to everything going on at Soho Mix & Match. Did the non-native English speaker protecting her boss from accusations about its apparently underage employees know she’s entitled to earn a minimum wage in this country??!!?!? Since Donna doesn’t get very far, it’s up to the Beverly Beat to break this story — something everyone who works there is extremely qualified to do. Elsewhere, Val gets possessive about Noah while blowing off a guy she knows to be a millionaire, and Kelly tries to force herself to love Brandon the way everyone keeps telling her she should. We discuss it all!