Crimes & Misdemeanors

Dr. Jeff introduces Kelly to an ex-con. Kelly tells Brandon all about him. Brandon proceeds to use the Beat to ruin the guy's life.

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to be appalled by both the American health care system and the American carceral state: “Crimes And Misdemeanors” introduces us to Andrew, a recently released convict (as a teenager, he killed his mother’s abusive boyfriend, only for her to testify against him) who can only be treated at the Clinic Clinic and thus has no choice but to have Kelly Taylor inviting herself into his personal affairs. Specifically: when Dr. Jeff tells her Andrew’s back story — literally; the reason he’s come to the Clinic Clinic is back pain from a beating he took from fellow inmates — Kelly decides to involve Brandon, recommending that he write a piece about Andrew for the Beat so that someone will understand his plight and offer him a job. Will Brandon impress Andrew with his journalistic activism or piss him off with his ineptitude? (You can probably make an educated guess.) Brandon also gets embroiled in Steve’s efforts to hook them up with a cute Peach Pit patron and her girlfriend, because Steve is always horny and rarely observant. Meanwhile, the David/Donna/Noah/Val love quadrangle finds a new way to annoy us, as Donna’s grandmother faces a health crisis and uses everyone’s visits to her sick bed to advocate for Donna and David to get back together. We remind Grandma that no, actually, David should die alone in our latest episode of Again With This!