Dealer’s Choice

Vincent Young hasn't learned to portray sadness, and yet the writers have put him in a position to get mercilessly dragged for it, by us.

Noah’s father having killed himself, a significant portion of the episode is focused on Noah’s grief. This is bad news for Vincent Young, who can’t act, and worse news for us, who have to watch him as he gets morbidly obsessed with his late father’s weapon, drinks to excess, and pushes away the help of the only person who cares about him. (The only person who cares about him — Donna — at least gets to break up her worrying with some work drama from an assistant who’s All About Eve-ing her.) Val may have reached some kind of peace with Abby, but that doesn’t mean she’s on board with Abby’s plans to marry Carl: she accepts the gig as Maid of Honour and journeys with them to Las Vegas for the ceremony — Kelly goes too, for extremely contrived reasons — with the intention of entrapping Carl into proving he’s the wrong man for her mother. Sophie continues checking items off the fame and fortune to-do list in her diary, though it would probably be a lot harder if Steve would actually heed his own instincts about whether he should believe literally any word out of her mouth. Let us tell you all about it in our podcast on “Dealer’s Choice”!