Doc Martin

Dr. Martin dies, and takes with him Gina's last good reason for staying in L.A.

When we last saw Dr. Martin, he was lying on the floor at his house…and he never got up, because he was dead. Everyone is upset about it, though only Kelly and David manage to fight through their grief and concern for Donna to suggest that Gina killed Dr. Martin by making him exercise as though he, a CARDIAC SURGEON, wasn’t sure how much exertion was safe for him. Between their shitty speculation and Kelly’s accusation that Dylan took unnecessary risks during Noah’s kidnapping because he was chasing an adrenaline rush, Dylan and Gina both decide they have no further need to remain in Los Angeles after Dr. Martin’s funeral, and start saying their goodbyes. Matt’s suspension having apparently lost him every last one of his clients, Kelly is more motivated than ever to sign on with the big PR firm our old friend Pia has been recruiting her to join — and what luck, her first assignment is to work on a ballot initiative regarding gay clubs in public high schools, because surely any company Kelly would work for will absolutely be on the progressive side of the matter! Right??? Following his ordeal with Shane, Noah is drinking again, including in secret, and making the mistake of sharing his suicidal thoughts with David, who can’t even be bothered to pretend to care. Join us as we discuss the late “Doc Martin” in our latest podcast!