Dog’s Best Friend

Dylan loses a 'respecting women' contest to David -- DAVID! -- in our Again With This podcast on 'Dog's Best Friend'!

As the Beverly Beat’s mandate strays further and further from journalism, it seems Steve has stumbled upon a lucrative revenue stream: The Love Fisher, a computer program that matches singles with ruthless efficiency. First Janet gets curious about how much better the Love Fisher is at picking dudes for her than she is at picking them for herself; then it’s Steve’s turn to find out what kind of lady the computer thinks he should be with. Will Janet decide she’s settled for a good enough guy, and will Steve cling to her for dear life? Noah has apparently transitioned into defending his dead father’s reputation on a full-time basis, and is still being very snitty about it to Matt. Then Matt produces a fat environmental impact report which, when Noah reads it (lol, sure he does), convinces him that his father was a big scumbag after all. Speaking of scumbags: Donna is growing ever less certain that shacking up with Noah is the right move, so it’s probably just as well that he has the lawsuit to occupy his attention. In the wake of his breakup with Gina, Dylan decides to take off for Vegas with David, who is soon disgusted by Dylan’s willingness not to have a one-night stand with Mary but to lie to her about how serious a relationship the two of them might potentially have. Mary then clings, which David encourages, leading to an awkward moment on Dylan’s doorstep when both his brunettes show up at the same time. Gina’s got her own problems, which begin with a lost filling and continue through Mel’s correct diagnosis of her bulimia. When Dylan can’t convince Gina to give him a fifteenth chance, he calls Kelly with a threat to start using again, summoning her to a bad neighbourhood and into the path of a predator. We discuss it all (with trigger warnings, because: yikes) in our podcast on “Dog’s Best Friend.”