Eddie Waitkus

We all know Dylan's dad died in Season 3. What this episode presupposes is...maybe he didn't?

A news report Dylan might never have even registered if he wasn’t kicking Steve’s ass at Rock And Roll Jeopardy so bad that Steve had to start flipping channels reveals something shocking: Dylan’s dead dad Jack has an exact double, whose plane just had an emergency landing! No one wants to believe Dylan’s suspicions that Jack might actually be alive — not his friends, and certainly not FBI agent/Jack’s former fiancée, Christine — but Dylan can’t let it go. David gets into a STUFFy situation with Camille due to a misinterpreted conversation about fur (really), leading him to panic about his sexual prowess (probably justified) in which he involves all his friends (not something Camille signed on for). At the same time, Donna is tanking her possible relationship with Beat printer Irv because she feels obligated to serve as Noah’s one and only source of emotional support. And with just three days to work on the strategy to ensure that gay students’ civil rights are violated in California public schools, Kelly must decide whether she wants to earn a living by ruining people’s lives. Sit back, relax, and join us for our podcast on “Eddie Waitkus”!