Family Tree & What’s In A Name?

And! Donna's genealogical research leads her to discover a scandalous secret in our podcast on 'Family Tree'!

Jackie and Mel’s relationship seems to be over for realsies this time, and even though our main cast are all well into their twenties, almost all of them are affected. Matt is representing Jackie in the separation and custody proceedings, so he has Kelly in his ear trying to make sure Erin is shielded, as much as possible, from the fallout. Her general bad mood also has her bristling against her new roommate Noah and overreacting to his intrusions. Jackie also reveals that Gina was the one who told her about Mel’s strip party attendance after he quit paying her hush money, which puts her on the outs with most members of the gang — particularly David, who believes her denials until Mel confirms it. Dylan continues inserting himself into Andrew’s career crisis, braying at community center co-director Patsy and trying to get Andrew reinstated by threatening to withdraw his financial support. Surprise! This makes things worse. Steve and Janet go on a STUFF-stuffed honeymoon, which (no surprise!) ends with her water breaking six weeks early. Because this is a TV show, her delivery turns dramatic, requiring an emergency c-section that results in a preemie who has to go on a respirator in the NICU. Then, because it’s a double episode, we must continue following everyone’s Thanksgiving plans. Donna buys a genealogy CD-Rom to make a family tree for Steve and Janet. Curious about her own origins, she stumbles upon her father’s vital statistics and learns that…he is Gina’s biological father. Gina herself is trying to navigate her breakup with Dylan and David’s ongoing touchiness about feelings she may or may not still have for her ex. Said ex has thrown himself into the center’s Thanksgiving celebration, and ropes Kelly into helping, to Matt’s dismay. Will Steve and Janet’s baby make it through the holiday? Find out with our podcast on “Family Tree”!