Fortune Cookie

Cole Younger, that is: a rock star's trip to the Peach Pit After Dark turns the Matt/Kelly/Gina/Dylan love quadrangle temporarily pentagonal in our podcast on 'Fortune Cookie'!

Last time, Noah’s inability to fill the club was pushing him toward financial ruination, but now everything’s fine, and he and Dylan are working together amicably to promote an upcoming show by fictional artist Cole Younger with a raffle to win a date with him — in his hotel room, creepily? Anyway, Dylan’s first act as manager of the Peach Pit After Dark is to fix the raffle and award the date to Kelly, only to be outmaneuvered by Gina, who just poses as Kelly to claim it for herself. This causes a variety of issues: Kelly is pissed to have to give up her prize (which she knows is ill-gotten); Matt is pissed that she keeps talking to Dylan about it (and also that her attempts to change his image for an ambulance-chasing TV ad are secretly about her wanting to change him into her ex); Dylan is pissed that Gina spends the night in Cole’s hotel room; and Gina is pissed that Dylan’s uninvited trip to said hotel room ends in a physical assault. Are emotions running so high to ratchet up the tension for a record-breaking hate-fuck? Claudia and David ignore Matt’s advice and pursue plans to commit immigration fraud, despite the fact that both of them seem extremely (and, unusually for these nitwits, appropriately) apprehensive about it. Donna’s old West Beverly Big Sister Ashley reappears in her life as both start circling the school’s production of Romeo & Juliet; Donna’s volunteering to make the costumes, while Ashley is building a bad-touch case against beloved drama teacher Mr. Bigelow. Steve’s decision to fire a psychic results in her making the (self-fulfilling) prophecy that he’s about to go impotent. We’ll discuss how flaccid the plotting gets in our Again With This podcast on “Fortune Cookie”!