Friends in Deed

After trying it for one night, Noah learns that running a club is so miserable, he's willing to make peace with Val so that she'll come take over.

David having stomped out of the club in a fit of pique and left Noah to deal with it, Noah gives himself a one-night trial run and decides that he sucks and hates it and that despite his differences with Val, he should take her up on her offer to return as manager. This complicates things for him and Donna, since Donna’s not trying to get into another relationship with someone Val will be constantly needling her about — though she’s also sick of David’s trifling ass freeloading all over her apartment eating her food and screwing up his new job at Khaki Nation. Brandon and Kelly are busy working on their relationships with new people: Kelly with Dr. Monahan at the Clinic Clinic, who’s maybe not quite the saint she thought when he first met him; and Brandon with Emma Bennett, a hot new freelancer he’s trying to recruit for the Beat. With Steve’s paternity drama behind him, he can resume trying to have sex with Carly, though the demands on Carly’s time are about to increase, meaning her availability for nooners may soon decrease dramatically. We discuss it all on our latest Again With This podcast!