How to Be the Jerk Women Love

The surprise exhumation of Toni's remains has Dylan adding illegal firearm acquisition to his illegal drug use.

We may not have previously understood how committed Gina is to the project of messing with Donna until this episode, in which she reinvents herself as a personal trainer and starts working out with…Felice. She easily parlays their new intimacy into an invitation to a George luncheon hosted by a not-yet-dead (but still completely offscreen) John F. Kennedy Jr., which she makes sure to tell Donna about so that Donna feels good and slighted. It’s a good thing Gina has something else to focus on, because she’s also just found out that Dylan is using hard drugs and is sort of trying to enforce healthy boundaries with him, but also, not really. Dylan isn’t that interested in Gina because he’s still focused on his dead wife — even more so when he tries to go leave a bouquet on her grave, only to find it’s not there anymore. The reasonable next step is, of course, to buy a gun through a random drug dealer and make plans to take it to Tony Marchette’s house to encourage him to tell Dylan where Toni’s bones ended up. Kelly and Matt are getting closer — though Kelly apparently feels weird about sleeping with a whole new guy in the same bedroom where she used to bone Brandon. Speaking of boning: Steve decides he’s qualified to give expensive seminars on “The Art Of The Pick-Up.”