I Want to Reach Right Out & Grab Ya

Mrs. and Dr. Martin aren't getting along the way they used to, and somehow Donna's the only one who's surprised in our Again With This podcast on 'I Wanna Reach Right Out & Grab Ya.'

A routine visit to her parents’ house leaves Donna on the receiving end of a shocking announcement that, now that she’s firmly in her mid-twenties, they feel certain she is strong enough to hear: they’re getting a divorce. Like the rest of us, Donna is pretty sure it’s Felice’s fault, since she’s been a nasty rag the entire time we’ve known her. But when Donna’s attempts to pull a holy Parent Trap on them — seriously, a priest is involved — Noah journeys to the golf course to find out what’s really behind Dr. Martin’s restlessness. The complications of the Gina/Dylan/Kelly/Matt love quadrangle continues to metastasize such that this week it entails pool hustling, Olympic gold medalist housesitting, a chimney sweep, a hypnotist, and a mugger. (One of those is fake; try to guess which!) With Claudia returned to Venezuela, David has more time to spend on rehabilitating the career of a has-been DJ whose name is Sonny Sharp but who looks a lot like Shadoe Stevens. And when the Beat’s latest freak-show subject is an eleven-year-old child prodigy, Steve makes it his mission to get the kid to relax and be as juvenile as Steve himself is. We discuss it all — including how easy it would have been for anyone to have looked up the actual lyrics to the Steve Miller Band’s “Abracadabra” — in our podcast on “I Wanna Reach Right Out & Grab Ya”!