I Will Be Your Father Figure

Matt and Kelly join Dylan's (literal) journey to find out the truth about his father, which doesn't end up where any of them expects.

Dylan and Steve haven’t gotten anywhere trying to get information about “Eddie Waitkus” from his fellow airline passengers, so Dylan, unemployed Kelly, and client-cold-calling wash-out Matt all go to the airport to try to interrogate “Eddie’s flight crew. One decides to ignore confidentiality and give Dylan a tip on the town in Arizona she’s heard Eddie mention; Kelly poses as Eddie’s wife to get a copy of the family’s cable bill with their address on it; and Kelly and Dylan both go to stake out the house. But when Dylan sees Eddie/Jack come home to his loving wife and son, will he lose his nerve to confront his father about…totally being alive? Noah is slightly injured from his leap through the beach apartment window, and now sober enough to be embarrassed about it. While Donna continues monitoring his mental state, David monitors hers, and Camille gets increasingly irritated by the fact that this arrangement leaves no one to care for her. Steve’s shitty brother Randy comes back for spring break, and we learn he’s attending Amherst (ha) and studying pre-med (ha HA!). He’s snitty about Steve and Janet’s life as settled, married parents, which allows him to deflect their questions about his own studies, but what could he possibly have to hide? We take you through “I Will Be Your Father Figure” in our latest podcast!