Illegal Tender

Does this self-described 'cad' escape without ripping any hairs out? We discuss on the latest podcast!

After Emma lets it be known that she has tape-recorded evidence implicating Brandon in…her pants, Brandon finds himself in a quandary about how to proceed. Will he follow his own counsel and confess everything to Kelly in a sincere and searching WordPerfect doc? Will he heed Steve’s advice not to say anything? Will he fail to correct Kelly’s misapprehension of a phone call she overhears between Steve and Emma that convinces her the philanderer is actually Steve? If your answer to all of the above is “Brandon will definitely do the shittiest thing he can,” you have obviously been watching along with us for lo these seven and a half seasons. David quickly learns that there’s a downside to the life of a critic: answering for your challenging opinions to the artists whose careers you might hurt. But since David is actually the frustrated artist, maybe he and stage-frightened Jamie will be able to make beautiful music together — at least until Val gets the club shut down for using it as her bookmaking HQ. Carly and Donna bring Zack for a fun outing at 8000 Sunset that quickly turns terrifying when the two adult women Zack has trusted to care for him can’t resist the charms of a clown. We discuss all the terrible choices of “Illegal Tender” in the latest Again With This podcast!