I’m Happy For You…Really

Kelly is still in denial about whether she actually wants to marry Matt and forsake all others until she hears that a surfer has died at the very beach she knows Dylan was headed for.

After Dylan’s declaration of love (or codependence, or obsession, or whatever) in the last episode, Kelly is trying to pretend nothing is wrong even as he openly gives her the silent treatment. To prove she doesn’t take it seriously, she even tells Matt about it, which somehow isn’t much comfort to him. They’re on their way to yet another wedding-related appointment when she hears a news report on the radio about a surfer getting killed at Point Dume — the very beach where Donna had told her Dylan was going to surf that day! Kelly desperately tries to determine whether the surfer is Dylan, and the utterly whipped Matt drives her all over the county to yell at various functionaries until Dylan himself calls; he decided to ride the rails (yes, like a hobo) to Salinas instead. Thinking Dylan was dead brings Kelly’s feelings for him into focus, and it seems like she may have actually made a decision when Matt comes home to tell her something so shocking that anything she may have to say will have to wait. Speaking of reunions: David and Donna. Their shmoopiness is witnessed by a pissy Noah, but his pouting is nothing compared to Camille’s reaction when she comes back to town. David has to deal with Camille’s emotional outbursts, in the process convincing Donna that he doesn’t actually want to date her, and sees her as more of a sister now. Steve and Janet are still trying out what their life will be like if they accept Charles’s offer to buy the Beat (which, given all the personnel he’s installed in the office, doesn’t seem like it’s a trial for anyone other than Janet and Steve). But then Steve decides he doesn’t want to sell…and Janet says she wants to take Charles’s offer to edit a new magazine he’s starting. Impasse! Noah and Ellen are also still present, and we still don’t know why. Hear us discuss it all in our podcast on “I’m Happy For You…Really”!