I’m Married

There's a big reveal at the end of 'I'm Married.' See if you can guess what before the end of our latest Again With This podcast!

A scandalous round of strip poker touches off a prank war among three of the gang’s least clever members: Noah, Steve, and Donna. (David also gets swept up in it, briefly, but only incidentally; mainly, he’s occupied chasing after a D-girl Peach Pit patron who may be trying to blow him off.) When the battle takes down a health inspector, Donna and Steve are forced to figure out at what point STUFF must give way to taking legal responsibility like adults. Dylan embarks upon his community service, where he makes a friend of a hardworking fellow parolee and a foe of their racist jerk boss. He’s also on bad terms with Gina, who decides to make a stink about Dylan’s attractive Narcotics Anonymous sponsor because how dare he seek advice or counsel from any woman but Gina? Matt departs Los Angeles for New York, where he spends time with Lauren, the mystery woman who called him “sweetheart” at the end of the last episode. Turns out she’s his ex, recently sprung from a mental institution, and eager to find out whether they might rekindle their relationship. The nature of said relationship? Well, we don’t find out until the very last moment before the end credits, although there is a hint in the episode’s title. Which is “I’m Married.” We discuss it all in our latest Again With This podcast!