I’m Using You ‘Cause I Like You

David and Donna try to disband the Losers' Club by getting set up with friends of Matt's, which works out great until David's new lawyer girlfriend hears about Matt lawyering during his suspension.

Donna and David, sick of being single, decide to try their luck at getting set up with people in Matt’s Rolodex — though Donna ends up passing when a random guy wanders into the store and asks her out. Have her romantic instincts sharpened during her journey of celibacy and self-improvement? Meanwhile, David’s date, a lawyer named Chrissy, is everything he could possibly want in a woman, and he’s so eager to open up to her that he tells her all about Matt’s new client and the worker’s comp settlement Matt is pursuing on his behalf. But whoops, Chrissy knows Matt is under suspension, and reminds him that she’s on the bar association’s ethics committee. Will Matt heed this warning, or is he guided by the same terrible judgment that got him suspended in the first place? Kelly is also in the middle of a career crisis — the same one she’s been in for months, not knowing if running a store is actually her passion, or if she just wants to hang around because she’s not ready to start losing touch with her…friends from not just high school but also elementary school. You’d think Dylan would make this process easy by being a prick to her, but as we know, this just makes him more attractive to her. Gina is compelled to spend time with him since he and Noah and Noah’s new party pals are going to cool club openings where Jennifer Lopez compliments her shoes (offscreen, OBVIOUSLY). But she has doubts about Noah’s sexiest AND cokiest friend, Josie. When Noah manages to get out of bed before noon, he happens by the Peach Pit while Steve and Janet are orienting their new nanny, Darby, and immediately hits on her. Will Noah actually heed Steve’s orders that Noah keep his hands off her? Find out with our podcast on “I’m Using You ‘Cause I Like You”!