Law & Disorder

Val's civil trial proceeds at a record pace, but Noah's not going down without smearing the hell out of her reputation.

In show time, Noah raped Valerie less than a week ago, so of course, now they’re in court as Val pursues her civil case against him. Val’s lawyer is confident that the facts make Noah a poor defendant — the poor little rich boy who got drunk and had sex with a woman who wasn’t his girlfriend (anymore) — but Noah’s lawyer knows some things about Val, like that she faked a pregnancy before Noah even knew her, and got arrested for bookmaking in the extremely recent past. Reputations are tarnished on both sides, but all the character witnesses on Noah’s side may not be able to counter-balance the damning testimony Val’s counsel gets out of Josh. Donna is also very interested in getting in touch with Josh, because she’s got cascading deadlines at work, she’s already hoovered all the pills her dad prescribed, and she’s jonesing real bad. David takes a break from failing in his career to fail his newest friend Jasper: the record label is only interested in David, but is David interested in going forward with them if it means scumbagging the guy who gave him a chance to play again? We dig into “Law And Disorder” in our latest Again With This podcast!