Let’s Eat Cake

Janet comes clean about the rabbit's death while Gina schemes to disrupt David's birthday and Matt tries to get Kelly past her trauma, pushily, in our podcast on 'Let's Eat Cake'!

Steve has noticed that Janet’s busting out of her bodices while also spending less time with him, and jumps to the conclusion that she’s acquired some breast implants in anticipation of dumping his ass. Eventually she gets sufficiently annoyed with his hostility to admit that she’s pregnant…whereupon Steve disappoints both Kelly’s expectations and ours by acting like a real dick about it. It’s also David’s birthday, and for obvious reasons, Donna’s left Gina off the guest list for the surprise party she’s planning for him. (One suspects that Donna’s come up with the idea of a surprise party at the club in order to force Noah to talk to her about logistics, if nothing else, but he’s as sick of her shit, and her apologies, as we are.) When Gina finds out about the party, she assumes Dylan will also be sitting it out, and is stunned to learn that while the gang is punishing for boning him, they’re not punishing HIM for boning HER. She develops a scheme to derail the party plans, which we assume Dylan wouldn’t twig to even if he weren’t caught up being a sponsor (lol) to Lucy, another current drug abuser who grew up in the hotel. Matt is still trying to reassure Kelly that he doesn’t feel different about her since her rape, without seeming to understand that she feels different about her, and therefore that sex with him is not at the top of her to-do list (as it were). We discuss it all in our podcast on “Let’s Eat Cake”!