Love Is Blind

Dylan reaches back into show history to attempt, yet again, to get between Kelly and Matt.

Matt is excited about a job opportunity in Seattle and Kelly is trying to be excited for him, and for the possibility of moving there with him if he gets it, but of course she’s still mostly focused on Dylan, particularly after he gives Matt and Kelly their wedding gift a bit early: plane tickets for a trip around the world. Kelly is disgusted that he’s trying this gambit again, and refuses to accept them, but that’s not enough for Matt: even though he totally did not get the job (because, duh, of course he didn’t, he almost got permanently disbarred THIS SEASON), he still thinks they should move away — and if Kelly doesn’t agree to do it, he’s going to assume it’s because she’s still in love with Dylan. An apparently successful publishing mogul improbably wants to buy the Beat, but if the deal goes through, it will mean Janet remains to run the publication for a year while Steve is relieved of…whatever his duties currently are. Will Janet like being the family’s sole breadwinner while Steve becomes a full-time parent? Let’s see how they feel after a trial run! Cue the “jokes” about aprons and castration! David and Donna are now fully single, and actually manage to tell each other that their recent romantic misfires have been due to their resurgent feelings for each other. But Donna, despite all the episodes of yearning we’ve had to endure, doesn’t want to risk her friendship with David — particularly not when she needs to lean on him because Felice wants to sell the Martin Manse. And Noah and Ellen continue pretty much just treading narrative water; introducing Noah to Ellen’s mother and daughter doesn’t really move anything anywhere. We look deeply into “Love Is Blind” in our latest podcast!