Making Amends

Find out whether David's signed a deal with the devil in our latest Again With This podcast!

Brandon already took a giant dump all over journalistic ethics the last time the Beverly Beatchronicled David’s music career, but that was when it was on the rise: perhaps Brandon’s now trying to balance the scales by exploring the fallout from David’s decision to pursue Jasper’s Law’s record deal minus…you know, Jasper. It seems as though Jasper knows what’s behind The Rise And Rise Of David Silver, though, so Brandon must pursue the allegation that David’s stupid song got so much radio play because of Frank’s payola on his behalf. There’s more going on at the paper that doesn’tinvolve publishing stories about current events: Steve’s also convinced himself he’s in love with a woman named Jill after reading her half of her correspondence with some guy named Ted who gave Terri the wrong forwarding address. Kelly’s latest professional overreach involves her trying to reunite an abandoned newborn with the teen mom — Jessica Alba! — who left him at the clinic. Kelly may not have convince the terrified child that she’s ready for motherhood, but in the process convinces herself that she is, and that this baby should be hers. Donna survives her drug overdose, but must face the consequences: the loss of her job at Child’s Play, her various doctors’ advice that she seek counseling for the issues that led her to abuse drugs in the first place, and Noah hanging around trying to fix her. Let’s talk about all of it in our Again With This podcast on “Making Amends”!