Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly

Certain revelations about people's DNA is making Christmas 1999 a bit awkward.

Dr. and Mrs. Martin are, under some pressure from Donna, trying to integrate Gina into their lives — which, in the immediate future, means their Christmas festivities. Of course she’s invited to the family celebration on Christmas Day, but though Donna is hot for Gina to come to the Martins’ big Christmas Eve party, her parents are still worried about how they’d introduce Gina to all their boring old judgmental friends. When Gina lets them off the hook by saying she doesn’t want to attend, Felice finds her at the hotel to bust out the old checkbook and buy Gina a better attitude. At the same time, Donna is trying to forgive not just her parents’ lies but Noah’s, because it turns out his constant assertions that he’s “over” causing the death of his fiancée aren’t getting Donna there any faster. Despite her attempts to get herself out of it, Kelly is still in a love triangle with Matt, the steady lawyer who will apparently put up with all her crap, and Dylan, the hothead who’ll punch a cranky neighbor and then pay him off not to press charges. Whichever will she find more appealing for the long run?! Finally, a chance encounter at a Christmas tree lot reminds us all that Janet’s still estranged from her parents, like to the point where they don’t even know their grandchild has been born. Will Steve broker peace? We discuss it all in our festive podcast on “Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly”!