Pride and Prejudice

Beverly Hills, 90210 gives Brandon another opportunity to make kelly's shooting about himself

As Kelly heads out to start her job at the Foundation Foundation instead of taking several more weeks off to think about how she betrayed Brandon by failing to corroborate his pick at the police lineup, Brandon continues riding Detective Woods about the single biggest crime in Los Angeles for which justice has yet to be served: the case of no one making Brandon feel better. And when he’s not on the phone, he’s having more flashbacks about his failure to prevent Kelly from getting shot. He’s a lot of fun! Speaking of fun: Donna still hasn’t backed down on her judgment of David’s bigoted clients, including when they attract the interest of a record label A&R guy who’s ready to sign them to a five-figure contract. What better time for the band to escalate from conversational racism to songs that advocate full-on race war? Donna can’t focus entirely on David’s problems, though, since she has to deal with the fact that she’s lost all her clients…or is it that Val’s stolen them? Donna gets revenge the best way she knows how: by weaponizing STUFF.