Ready Or Not

You'll barf and boo as Brandon's beauty batters a bastard.

After the Christmas party massacre, Kelly continues dealing with Dr. Monahan’s retaliation against her — which is lucky for Brandon, because now that he’s finally had sex with Emma, she’s decided it’s her turn to get up his ass, constantly dropping obvious references to their illicit coitus which Brandon makes all the more obvious by tensing up about them. How far is Emma willing to go to get Brandon away from Kelly? Further than anyone else who’s ever boned him could possibly imagine. The Val/David/Donna/Noah love quadrangle continues to irritate everyone in it (plus the rest of us), and relations between Noah and Val aren’t likely to get any friendlier once Nat’s old frenemy Duke returns with a new face and a new plan to make money off the After Dark’s Sports Night. Finally, production costs have apparently required downsizing to the tune of Carly’s house, so Carly and Zack move into the good old beach apartment, where Zack gets right to work improving upon Donna’s fashion designs. We take you through in our latest Again With This podcast!