A variety of randos get inserted into Brandon's, Kelly's, and Steve's storylines in order to serve as very obvious object lessons.

The premise of our latest A-plot seems to be that Kelly, Brandon, and Steve are having trouble getting through their current romantic woes because they just can’t get any perspective on them. Never-before-seen characters to the rescue! At the clinic, Jeff — and, for some reason, Kelly — treat Ellen, a teenager who’s gotten chlamydia whilst cheating on her boyfriend. Hearing Jeff lecture Ellen about how important trust is in the course of telling her why she needs to tell her boyfriend about her STI convinces Kelly that she should trust Jeff enough to tell him how Brandon broke her trust. (And honestly, if things progress between Jeff and Kelly at all, Val really deserves a thank-you muffin basket for pushing them together with all her self-interested meddling.) Steve’s been bumming everyone out at the Beat office to such an extent that Brandon decides Steve should be the Beat‘s newest unqualified writer: he urges Steve to use his KEG connection to a guy named Harry to get to Harry’s fiancée, Christy, who works for the Dodgers and could maybe hook Steve up to interview Mike Piazza. Little does Steve know he’s bringing his heartbreak story into Christy’s life just in time for her to be experiencing extreme cold feet. Can Steve and Brandon put Harry and Christy back together — and maybe learn some lessons about their own recent relationship problems in the process? Elsewhere, David is still hanging out/blurring journalistic ethics lines with Jasper’s Law; things get more complicated when the band’s original keyboard player gets into a car accident driving drunk and decides to sue Noah for overserving him, forcing David to decide which of them he hates less, and what advantages he’ll be giving up if he sides against the guy in the band that just bought his stupid song. Donna’s latest stupid fashion project gets underway with a photo shoot starring a bratty child model and her overly indulgent momager, putting Donna in the position of being extremely holier-than-thou. Will this be the one time St. Donna doesn’t triumph? You probably know the answer, but we’re still getting into it in our latest Again With This podcast!