Beverly Hills, 90210 introduces us to Noah's old friend Gwyneth, who has conscious coupling on her mind but her plan gets put on hold when a stray bullet has her leaking goop all over the place.

It’s been a while since the show gave David something he could really be stressed out, so: time for him to get robbed at (possible) gunpoint while taking money out at an ATM. Noah’s got the perfect solution: he should get a gun, like Noah did: he’s got one behind the bar and one on his stupid boat! David starts the process, but he has to wait eleven days to take possession of his confidence and self-worth. Meanwhile, we don’t have to wait long for evidence that Noah does need protection on his stupid boat, when he brings Donna back there to find a woman waiting to ambush them: it’s his childhood friend Gwyneth, who arranged to visit as soon as she saw Noah in a magazine. Turns out it wasn’t so that they could catch up: the article said Noah was single, and Gwyneth has designs on him. But Noah quickly cuts off her attempted kiss…and Gwyneth’s night only gets worse from there, with an assist from drunk David. Val is contacted by a representative from the Red Cross, who tells her she’s matched with a leukemia patient who needs her bone marrow if he’s to have a chance to survive. But when Val hears about the potential recipient’s dark past, she questions whether she should have any part in keeping him alive. Kelly continues to be testy all the time, which she finally admits is because she still doesn’t trust Brandon’s cheating ass. In response, Brandon deploys the nuclear option. And when the Beat interviews assistant candidates — a process Steve co-opts into speed dates — everyone’s annoyed when the best applicant turns out to be the one Steve wants to bone. We’ve got “Ricochet” in our sights in the latest Again With This podcast!