The Wedding

Beverly Hills, 90210's going to the chapel but is anyone actually getting married in 'The Wedding'?

It’s the week of Brandon and Kelly’s wedding, and preparations are underway: Steve is getting excited for Sarah to meet all his friends at the reception, but she might not be ready to keep seeing him because some other friend of hers is breaking up with her boyfriend and splitting up all their books and furniture seems like a big hassle, or something? Donna has somehow landed the job of wedding planner, putting her in constant contact with Jacob the caterer. He’s way into her, and it’s coming at exactly the wrong time for her, since it turns out Noah is one of those very interesting iconoclastswho thinks a marriage license is just a piece of paper and that people who are really in love don’t need it. As all this is going on, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Brandon and Kelly may not even want a piece of paper: are their nagging doubts about their imminent wedding just standard jitters, or are the starting to figure out, as we all did a long time ago, that actually they hate each other? Val tries to tough out her STD fears, but finally breaks down in front of David and confesses having had unprotected sex with an IV drug user. She ignores David’s advice to get tested and allay her anxieties…until Johnny tells her that he’s just tested positive for HIV.