Santa Knows

Beverly Hills, 90210 came upon a midnight clear (because Emma and Brandon did sex on each other at christmas.) Bang bang merrily on high!

Marvel at the fidelity of Brandon Walsh: it’s taken him two and a half episodes of flirting with Emma to lower his defenses…and pants: yes, Emma finally succeeds in seducing Brandon — although, really, is “succeed” the right word here? Brandon is consumed with guilt, but Kelly still has no idea, perhaps because Kelly’s still dealing with Dr. Monahan and his roving Monahands. With Kelly’s time at the Clinic Clinic winding down and her attempt to address Dr. Monahan directly regarding his harassment, she tries to raise the matter with a superior at the Foundation Foundation; will right win out over rape culture? The answer won’t surprise you. David continues intervening with his work colleague Ben, trying to reunite him with his estranged parents for the holidays and even listening well enough to Ben to figure out when he’s making shit up to try to be noble (and escape David’s attempts to fix his life). Donna — truly Santa’s brightest and orangest little elf — does her best to get Noah into the Christmas spirit, as do Steve and Carly for Zack when one of his crappy friends tells him there’s no Santa. Get out the stockings you probably just put back into storage and join us for our Again With This podcast on “Santa Knows”!