Sibling Revelry

Donna can't keep anyone's secrets in our Again With This podcast on 'Sibling Revelry'!

Donna has managed to avoid telling Gina the truth about her biological parentage for days — weeks longer than any dumb baby should be expected to — and finally finds a quiet moment to get Gina alone and spill it. Gina is, of course, horrified; she tells Donna she hates her; tells David she wants to be alone; then tells Dylan she doesn’t want to be alone. Dylan is in her room when David comes by, and when he stomps off in such a huff that both Gina and Dylan follow him to try to explain, David gets a little too physical than he probably should while he’s anywhere near the valet stand. But David and Gina aren’t the only ones Dylan’s busting up: he also buys Kelly a painting she likes, sending Matt into more paroxysms of insecurity when he does a little investigating, finds out that it cost $16,000, and gives Kelly the 5000th ultimatum of their relationship. When Donna can’t shut up about how important it is to be honest and not to keep shameful secrets, Noah finally admits that the reason he’s not interested in attending a Harvard alumni party is that he’s totally not a Harvard alumnus, at all. He asks her not to tell Kelly about it, and this seems to be the thing that finally causes Donna to wonder if he’s actually the right guy for her? Elsewhere, Steve and Janet bring Maddy home from the hospital, which cues Steve to become an overprotective first-time parent cliche. We take you through in our podcast on “Sibling Revelry”!