Skin Deep

The opening of Beverly Hills's first sex shop has everyone taking sides on is okay, basically? We discuss Kelly's sudden embrace of Catharine MacKinnonism in our Again With This podcast on 'Skin Deep'!

Kelly’s notions of feminism have, over the years, perplexed us in their inconsistency; “Skin Deep” compresses all her worst instincts and muddiest thinking in a single episode. Brandon has decided to write about the grand opening (heh) of Beverly Hills’s first sex shop, which has already attracted protesters even before its manager has opened the doors. Among those protesters is Kelly, who is suddenly a sex-negative scold: she confronts Brandon in front of Steve and Muntz over the Playpenmagazine she found in their room; she tars all porn with the same misogynist brush; and she blames the unrealistic expectations it sets for women for her mother’s decision to get a face lift and for Erin’s choice of frozen yogurt over ice cream to avoid consuming empty calories. (Telling Erin she doesn’t need to worry about that because she’s thin is just one of many moments suggesting that Kelly hasn’t totally refined her ideas about the male gaze.) The sex shop also comes (heh heh) between David and Val: first, David brings home a bag of toys but has no idea what to do with them; then Val brings home a bag of toys and freaks David out, because he is stupid. Also, Steve — coming off his mistreatment of Janet on their date to his reunion — is newly interested in her when she frankly and unapologetically expresses her interest in sex. She just may not be interested in sex with Steve. At the same time, Donna’s over at The Only Modeling Agency In Town, supervising the photo shoot for her first catalogue. A stylist on set is extremely keen and enthusiastic and doing a great job for Donna except for the way she’s bleeding on the wardrobe, because she’s a secret cutter. St. Donna to the rescue! We discuss it all in our Again With This podcast on “Skin Deep”!