Slipping Away

Are most people who go to Tijuana for meds looking for anti-psychotics? No. But as we all know, Kelly Taylor doesn't do anything for fun.

The Durnings having decided they’d prefer Lauren to be schizophrenia symptom-free in the short term than alive in the long term, they’re going to ill-conceived lengths to try to track down clozapine without a prescription. Kelly, veteran of the Clinic Clinic, thinks she can help solve their problem with an illicit trip south of the border, and who better to bankroll the scheme and act as her bodyguard than Dylan? That Dylan’s relationship with Gina is undefined at the moment makes him extra-flirty, and Kelly’s confusion about where she stands with Matt (and his wife?) makes her guilty after she gives into her throbbing biological urges. Gina’s got big plans to open her own gym, and while she’s still too young to crack into the trust full of the money she earned figure skating as a minor, she wants to know how much there is so she can use it as collateral for a business loan. Unfortunately, her estimate is way higher than the reality. Has her unethical mother Bobbi been embezzling, or is another trustee to blame? When she’s not chasing down financial records, Gina blabs to Noah that Donna and David are giving their relationship a fourth shot (or is it fifth?), and Noah is a bitch about it. While Steve might have thought his and Janet’s problems were settled once he decided he wanted them to make their relationship official, he wasn’t prepared to learn that her very traditional Japanese dad doesn’t want her seeing anyone outside their community. We’ll be screaming about his inaccurate uses of words like “bigot” and “racist,” among other things, in our podcast on “Slipping Away”!