Spring Fever

David helps Camille make one of her sexual dreams come true, while Donna's nightmare continues.

Lonely Donna is increasingly frustrated by how much sex everyone around her is having: not only must she listen to Kelly’s sex squeals, but when she tries to drown them out with the radio, she hears Camille calling in to David’s dumb radio show to tell him all about her fantasy about having sex in public. She thinks she’s successfully box-blocked her by loading her up with after-hours work at the store, only to come back in later and discover that the public sex location these two boobs have chosen is her store. Donna is more upset than ever to have David’s relationship with someone other than her shoved in her face; Camille points out to David that the reason Donna’s having such an outsized reaction to this is that Donna herself is into David. Will either David OR Donna accept reality and stop this pantsing around (as it were)? Speaking of Donna’s exes: Noah shocks us all not only by going to an AA meeting but remembering a lot of information about Ellen, one of his fellow Friends Of Bill W., keeping her from drinking at the club and distracting her from her lonely apartment by driving her to the beach. A meeting with accomplished businesswoman Donna (…okay) causes Ellen to break her sobriety in shame, but Noah is determined to help her get back on track. Kelly’s new PR client is a sausage king with a lot of promotional ideas that end up implicating various members of the Sanders family in ways adorable and not. And when Dylan and Matt go on a dirt-biking getaway together (…….okay), Matt drinks a little too much of the “desert juice” he doesn’t realize also contains LSD and returns home with dark secrets Dylan promises not to share. We discuss it all in our podcast on “Spring Fever”!